Are hemp wraps gluten-free?

Natty Organic Hemp natural wraps are made from organically grown hemp and contain no tobacco or nicotine. Each bag contains 4 'Rillo' size wrappers. We have added hemp seeds and packaged them with spinach so that you get amino acids, omega 3, essential vitamins and minerals, natural vegetable chlorophyll and a good dose of fiber and flavonoids. Made with rice flour, soy flour and pea protein, these wraps have been tested, approved and certified gluten-free by Celiac New Zealand with the Crossed Grain logo.

They meet the strict criteria of the CODEX and the United States FDA, as well as the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards criteria for “no detectable gluten”, which is currently measured at less than 3 ppm. Plus, just like real rebels, these gluten-free wraps don't crack under pressure. You can buy KARMA Hemp Wraps and other Zig-Zag products at MatchBox Bros for a clean, high-quality smoking experience. Hemp wrappers peeled with glue are more intricate and complicated and work in a similar way to traditional cigar rolls.

As an alternative to traditional tobacco wrappers, KARMA hemp wrappers are known for their ability to return softer blows and slower burns.