Why are we not using hemp plastic?

Therefore, at present, the price of producing hemp-based plastic is also significantly higher, and is estimated to be twice as high, than the price of alternative petroleum-based plastic. For this reason, polymers are not yet directly derived from hemp on a commercial scale. Hemp plastic is a natural, non-toxic biodegradable plastic that is created from the fibers of hemp plants. Hemp-based plastic, on the other hand, is biodegradable.

Instead of filling our seas with lethal petrochemical plastics, we could create sustainable initiatives to safely recycle hemp-based products. One of the most striking uses of hemp plastic is the door panels and rear shelves of certain BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Bugatti car series, which are made of hemp fibers. Currently, the amount of plastic hemp products available on the market is somewhat limited, mainly due to restrictions on industrial hemp cultivation in most parts of the world. The Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum exhibits a selection of products made of hemp plastic, from a didgeridoo to a chair for an underground train.

And as the 1941 hemp car show and the Ford axe show showed, hemp composite plastic is stronger than steel.