Are hemp wraps vegan-friendly?

Each wrapper is made from Canadian-grown hemp that is vegan and is grown without GMOs, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. However, there is a common practice in the industry that contradicts this statement. Blunt wraps are usually made with natural flavors or menthol, which are not derived from vegan sources. Some may contain dairy products that deny the whole vegan idea behind hemp wrappers.

Be sure to check the label of any brand you're considering before buying. Made with 100% pure hemp, Juicy Jays Tropical Passion hemp Blunts taste exactly what they're called. Bursting with flavor, you have the feeling that you've just been in a jungle made of fruits. They come with two blunt hemp wrappers per package that, once packaged, were fully sealed to keep all the freshness in the resealable package.

Absolutely smoke-free, nicotine-free and suitable for vegans, all in one package. Juicy Jay's uses its secret Trip Flavor System, to ensure that your hemp candies are full of flavor. Each blunt wrap also has a useful adhesive strip that makes rolling easy, as well as a packing tube. These products do not contain THC, only pure hemp that has been harvested and manufactured in a wrapper.

The results are purely vegan hemp wraps that maintain the quality you would expect from an organic smoking experience.